We’ve created just what you need for predicting your future. Say hello to our new Magic Trump Ball – a funny twist on the Magic 8 Ball that answers all your most perplexing questions. That’s right. When you’re feeling stumped – just ask Trump!

We’ve designed a magic little ball that provides presidential advice at your fingertips. Simply ask the ball any yes or no question, give a little shake, and look at the window on the back. An answer will magically appear – the BEST answer.

When we asked who could offer the best advice to all of life’s questions, the answer was simple. It had to be someone wise, experienced, and – although indubitably riddled in corruption – presidential. Ultimately, we decided against the popular vote and went with Trump. And now, you can rest easy knowing your future is in small but capable hands.

No more indecisiveness. No more doubting. No more feeling stumped. Now you’ll have instant advice and assurance from the world’s most powerful man with our unique take on the classic magic eight ball. With 20 potential answers, Trump will give it to you straight. Don’t be surprised if the ball gives you occasional attitude with answers such as, “You’re Fired!” “Don’t be an idiot.” “Do it. I’ll pay the legal fees.” or “Every poll says yes.” What else would you expect of The (President) Donald?

You’ll fall in love with your Magic Trump Ball, just like one of our customers who says, “Classic, fun and… strangely prophetic. The Trump ball knows, I swear. Trump fan or not, every American needs one of these!”

Despite the competition from high-tech toys and video games, the time-honored tradition of the Magic 8 Ball has withstood the test of time — even after 70 years since the toy’s inception. Our Magic Trump Ball joins the KickFire Classics’ lineup, offering high-quality, classic toys that challenge children, teens, and adults of every age to set aside their electronic devices and engage in active play.

The Magic Trump Ball is even perfect for birthdays, holidays, congratulations, or just a good laugh! Your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family will never make a decision again without consulting the wisdom of the Magic Trump Ball!

So go ahead, quit being stumped, just ask Trump! Order yours today!