KickFire Diabolos Triple Bearing Green Super Nova


87 in stock

87 in stock

The Green Super Nova professional triple axle bearing diabolo:

  • Perform tricks, throws, catches, cradles and more
  • Super Nova Kit includes 10.1 oz, 6″x 5” diabolo w/ 13.625” padded carbon sticks & 60” nylon string
  • FREE Guide includes 4 “Ty the Diabolo Guy” instructional videos to help you become a pro
  • Lightweight and sturdy: Preferred by serious diabolo performers and chinese yoyo-ists
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As Seen on Fox News and the Boston Herald

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Are you looking for a classic toy that develops hand eye coordination while producing hours of fun? If so, our KickFire Super Nova is just right for you!

Perfect for professionals and/or serious diabolists, the Super Nova features precision bearings and a wide axle area with enough space for finger tricks, long stick grinds, and multiple wrapped knots. An average of 2.0 oz lighter than most bearing or fixed diabolos, the Super Nova won’t tire out your arms or make your shoulders sore (especially important for younger children).

Our Super Nova kit comes complete in a stylish box with a getting started guide, translucent, brightly colored diabolo, tightly braided nylon string and quality 13.625” padded carbon sticks.

KickFire Classics’ quality Chinese Yo-Yo Diabolos are a classically fun time for kids old and young. Mastering the tricks and techniques of your diabolo will be both challenging and rewarding as you impress friends, family, neighbors, and strangers alike! With a fixed axle diabolo for beginners, a wide axle, or our premier triple bearing diabolo for intermediates and experts, we have a KickFire Classics Diabolo just for you! If you like our Super Nova Collection, you’ll love our Comet and Nova lines. So simply search for our other models by typing in KickFire fixed axle or KickFire triple bearing.

Our fixed axle and triple bearing axle diabolos are hotter than Hades!

So what are you waiting for? Order your KickFire Comet today and start having a devil of a good time!

The Super Nova Diabolo Features:

  • Length: 6″
  • Diameter: 5″
  • Weight: 10.1 oz

Carbon Fiber Sticks and String Features:

  • Length: 13.625″
  • Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Thickly padded handles
  • Tightly braided, shielded nylon string

Super Quality for the Super Diabolist!!

KickFire Classics is dedicated to providing high quality, premium toys. Light and indestructible, the Green Super Nova Diabolo is perfect for the Super-Diabolist! With triple-axle-bearings, padded carbon sticks, and a 60-inch, high-quality string, this diabolo is stellar for performing tricks and throws that are out of this world!

Amaze with the Latest Craze!

Start a new trend and amaze your friends with the latest craze: the Green Super Nova Diabolo! You don’t have to make a deal with the devil for classic, good fun! Deal with your boredom and pick up a Green Super Nova Diabolo!

Looking for out-of-this-world tips and tricks? With your purchase, you will gain access to Ty the Diabolo Guy’s online tutorials. He will help you firm up your fundamentals as well as master cool tricks to blow away your friends.

Master your tricks with Ty the Diabolo Guy and then challenge your friends to a devil of a good time! Not only will the competition be fun and fierce, but you might even learn something new!

Classic toys entertain anyone regardless of age, gender, or ability. Hopefully your friends won’t have to wish on a star for a Green Super Nova Diabolo. Gift your friend some cosmic fun with a toy that frees the imagination and provides a challenge!

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