KickFire HotSacks® Sand Hacky Sack – Yelpin’ Yellow


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

  • CAUTION: CONTENTS MAY BE HOT!: Explode into action with the hottest, quality-crafted footbags!
  • FREE HOT START ONLINE TUTORIAL: Join our footbag specialist, Scott, to learn basic hacky sack moves
  • PLAY LIKE A PRO: Sand filled HotSacks® are half full, making them the perfect weight for expert play
  • FIRE UP PLAY TIME: HotSacks® hold their shape kick after kick & improve foot & eye coordination
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Get a Yelpin’ Yellow KickFire HotSack® quality crafted footbag today.

Caution: Contents May Be Hot

HotSacks® are heatin’ up play time! With our quality crafted, 8-panel, sand filled leather footbags, everyone is sure to want to join in the fun. But, watch out! As your child explodes into action, HotSacks® may become addictive!

HotSacks® are full of family fun and include a FREE hot start tutorial video with in-house hacky sack specialist Scott teaching you both basic and more advanced moves to improve your hacky skill level. Our sand-filled hacky sacks are half full making them the perfect weight for expert play, and hold their shape kick after kick after kick. Choose from one of the four sizzlin’ colors of HotSacks® available: Ragin’ Red, Overheatin’ Orange, Pipin’ Purple, Wild White, Yelpin’ Yellow, Burnin’ Blue, or Gleamin’ Green and be prepared for your family to get a kick out of play time!

KickFire Classics® is committed to creating high-quality toys for kids that provide a break from technology and challenge children to get outside and play. Some of our most popular toys include the KickFire Diabolos® Chinese yoyo, complete with a YouTube channel hosted by Ty the Diabolo Guy who teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced diabolo tricks; and the KickFire Kadavu® delta kite, featuring our expert flier, Luke Kitewalker! We didn’t forget about all the cowboys and cowgirls and introduced our Banded Bandit® rubber band gun with Cowboy Cory teaching you to hone your sharp shooting skills, and our new Hydras® juggling balls that, with the help of Phil’s juggling tricks videos, will have you performing tricks that would please the Gods! If you are looking for great gifts for your children or grandkids, check out our full collection.

High-Quality Leather and Made-to-Last Stitching

KickFire HotSacks are made from quality leather that not only feels great but lasts and lasts. And don’t worry about your footbag coming undone anytime soon – we use durable thread and a painstaking stitching process to ensure our footbags come ready to take a beating for years to come.

Designed by Pros for Pros (and Future Pros!)

There’s more to footbags than filling a bag with dirt. KickFire HotSacks have been meticulously engineered for optimal play. With the perfect sand-to-material proportions, you’ll feel the difference proper weight distribution makes for enhanced control and handling.

Just beginning? Our in-house expert Scott provides a free online quick-start tutorial to help you fire up those fundamentals. With pro tips and advice, you’ll be a HotSack expert in no time!

Footbags are classic toys – and for good reason! Whether going solo or rounding up the gang for some group hacky sack action, KickFire HotSacks make for hours of challenging fun.

KickFire HotSacks are available in multiple amazing colors so you can sport your personal style: Burnin’ Blue, Ragin’ Red, Wild White, Pipin’ Purple, Yelpin’ Yellow, Overheatin’ Orange, and Gleamin’ Green.

Looking for the perfect electronic-free gift? Get your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, the gift of high-challenge and active play! And what’s more? HotSacks improve foot-eye coordination that carries over to other hobbies, interests, and activities.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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