Looking forward to your Mother’s Day gifts this year? Why not take a different approach this time? Sure, the holiday is traditionally meant to celebrate your motherhood with lovely Mother’s Day gifts from your progeny, but let this novel approach simmer a little:

If you get your kids cool toys for Mother’s Day, you can be left alone to truly take advantage of your day. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, savor your bonbons in peace, and bask in the glorious sounds of children having fun!  

Sounds delectable, right? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got a smorgasbord of toys for a playtime feast. Here at KickFire Classics® we are passionate about creating high-quality, classic toys that challenge children, teens and adults of every age to set aside their electronic devices and engage in active play.

Our most popular toys include our juggling balls, kites, and foot bags, perfect for individual or group play.

Customers deem our KickFire Hydras Juggling Balls their favorite set ever since they are perfectly weighted and balanced, making juggling a breeze. Worried your children don’t know how to juggle? Our juggling balls come with free online video tutorials where ‘Phil’s Juggling Skills’ will have them juggling three balls in under five minutes and performing legendary tricks in no time!

Since our KickFire Kadavu has been a hit with our customers, we’ve recently launched two new kites for even more flying fun: the Soaring Sailfish and the Flying Tiger. We’ve heard our customers tell us countless times how easy our kites are to fly because of their solid construction from long-lasting ripstop nylon and easy-up ability, giving kids a stable flying experience.

Your kids will sail their kite right up with free online tutorials from our expert kiteflier, Luke Kitewalker. Through his online tutorials, you’ll not only get your Soaring Sailfish swimming through the sky, you’ll learn how to keep it there.

With our KickFire Classics HotSacks, SuperSacks, and StarSacks quality-crafted footbags, your kids will explode into action — but be sure and send them outside so they don’t disrupt your quiet time! KickFire footbags are made from quality leather that not only feels great but lasts and lasts, so you don’t have to worry about your kids kicking it to death!

Don’t fret if your kids have never tried footbags since our in-house expert, Scott, provides a free online quick-start tutorial to help them get fired up with the fundamentals. With pro tips and advice, your kids will be footbag experts in no time!

Our line of creative toys doesn’t end there. Check ‘em out here and get your kids’ all set up with their own fun toys so you can truly enjoy your Mother’s Day!