Attempting to stir up a delectable menu for summer fun? We’ve got you covered with an exciting menu full of kickin’ hot recipes to fire up your summer! Careful though, your recipe will deflate faster than angel food cake if you forget any vital ingredients.

You know the feeling — when you open your oven door, already salivating over a slice of yummy goodness as your nose catches the wafting deliciousness, only to discover your sugary craving has just oozed itself all over the edge of your dish and into the oven! We assure you these recipes will avoid any unnecessary oozing and whining from your kiddos.

summer fun

Kid-Friendly Kite Mix

Make sure you include this recipe for your park and beach trips so your kids don’t start into a chorus of whines as they longingly watch the other kids soaring kites through the air. Turn their whines into smiles and laughter with this Kid-Friendly Kite Mix:


Directions: Add the kite and string together and mix in a bit of wind, allowing the mixture to rise into the air until your kite is fully extended. Should see smiles, laughter, and amazement in no time!

summer funHacky Sack Haystacks

Layer your summer fun with these Hacky Sack Haystacks, sure to be an instant hit for any age at all your gatherings. Anyone can make this simple recipe — young and old!


Directions: Gather up your ingredients, flip the hacky sack into the air and start whipping, cutting, and kicking the hacky sack into a game ripe with fun!

summer funYummy YoYo Balls

You’ll never get tired of rolling out these yoyo balls since there are endless tricks and stunts for delectable fun!


Directions: For best results, follow Rick’s instructions closely to learn just how addicting a non-responsive yoyo can be in your daily menu!

As you prep for your summer fun, let KickFire Classics make sure you’re fully prepared with these unique recipes so you get a full allotment of challenging entertainment every day!