Banded Bandit® Rubber Band Gun

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2634 in stock

  • Quality crafted Banded Bandit® Six Shooter gun set includes 6 Bandit Bands® & 5 wild west targets
  • Made from all natural pine, our 8-inch pistol shoots far and accurately – great for ages 5+
  • Load up to 6 rounds of elastic Bandit Bands® for easy, semi-automatic, rapid-fire shooting
  • FREE online video tutorial w/ Banded Bandit features tips for precision & safe shooting
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The Banded Bandit® Six Shooter rubber band gun set comes with six rounds of our quality Bandit Bands® as well as five wild west figurines for your cowboys and cowgirls to use as they hone their sharp-shooting skills. Kids, teens, and even you will have a blast breaking away from digital entertainment and entering the world of cowboys and indians where there are bank robberies to stop, shoot-offs to be won, and ranges to roam!

Made from quality, all natural pine, our eight-inch long Banded Bandit® Six Shooter can shoot up to six rounds in semi-automatic, rapid-fire succession. Simply load the bands from the back of the loader spoke to the front. For more accuracy, give each rubber band a single, half twist when loading to remove slack and variation. But don’t worry, if this doesn’t make sense in written form, the Banded Bandit himself will show you exactly how it’s done in a free, online video tutorial!

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Dimensions 10 x 6 x 1.5 in


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