Similar to hacky-sack, KickFire Classics Jianzi Foot Feather®, a feathered, weighted shuttlecock, is a popular sporting toy across the world. Originating in China nearly 2,000 years ago, the Jianzi is still a toy for the ages…and all ages. Tradition extols the virtue of the game as it was used as a military training exercise meant to relax and exercise soldiers. KickFire Classics has taken the ancient game to new heights to keep classic fun afloat anywhere, anytime.

According to the International Shuttlecock Federation (ISF), Jianzi players “aim to keep a shuttlecock in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (but not hands). The game […] may be rules-based on a court similar to Badminton and Volleyball, or be played artistically, among a circle of players in a street or park, with the objective to keep the shuttle ‘up’ and show off skills.”

According to KickFire Classics, “The Jianzi Foot Feather® is constructed with a durable rubber tip and vibrant, synthetic feathers for a phenomenal float; it is perfect for indoor and outdoor fun. Competitive or casual, age or athletic ability does not matter.”

Many players also claim that the Jianzi Foot Feather® is an engaging way to refine reflexes, improve hand-eye coordination, and stir up some fun at any friend or family function.

“It is so easy, but don’t let that fool you!” warns Cory Keate, CMO at KickFire Classics. “There’s a little more to the KickFire Jianzi than what most people expect. When you kick a hacky sack, you can predict and anticipate where it will go and what your next move will be. When you kick a Jianzi, a stray breeze will force you to rethink your strategy, to move more quickly, and strike more precisely. It’s mesmerizing to watch and simply addicting to play.”

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