KickFire Classics’ line of Diabolos has a new accessory. The Meteorite is an add-on LED attachment for the Diabolos that produces flashing light patterns as it spins. Compatible with any diabolo that sports exterior 10mm cap nuts, The Meteorite is especially impressive when paired with diabolos made of translucent plastics like the KickFire Nova or Super Nova.

Tyler Seamons, aka Ty the Diabolo Guy and COO of KickFire Classics explains,

“The idea to add lights to the Diabolo was a combination of synchronicity and a child’s light-up bouncy ball. Late one night, I saw a large bouncy ball flash lights every time it bounced. At the time, I was trying to figure out how to ‘trick out’ my Diabolo. Literally, like a flash of light, I put the two together. A Diabolo that glows when spun!”

The technology relies on a safe, non-toxic LED assembly that, when spun, activates the lights. The lights alternate colors and produce a mesmerizing light show. What really enhances the “coolness” is the combination of The Meteorite in the translucent Diabolos.

“Everything glows,” Seamons shares. “I was surprised at how bright the lights were, and to have the translucent plastic glow all the way to the Diabolo’s edges was magical.”

The Meteorite is battery powered and takes three (3) LR44 batteries, which are included with your initial purchase. For more information and to see the The Meteorite in action, visit

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