Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2016-12-13T20:21:40-06:00
What if my string breaks off where it connects to my stick?2016-12-13T11:17:53-06:00

Easy fix! Just cut off the frayed end, melt the end if you want, and tie it back to the end of the stick, and keep playing!

Do you sponsor diabolo players or jugglers?2016-12-13T11:17:26-06:00

Yes! We absolutely do!

We’re always looking for bright stars who want a little help. Reach out to us at for more information.

The cap nuts fell off my diabolo. Is that a problem?2016-12-13T11:16:59-06:00

Not really. If they both fall off your diabolo will balance normally. If one side fell off, your diabolo may experience some turning, but should play semi-normally. If you don’t like the play if one falls off, take them both off. They are there to look pretty, but basically cover up the bolt we attach our glow in the dark pieces to.

The foam handle on my carbon fiber stick came off. What should I do?2016-12-13T11:16:33-06:00

This happens to the best of us! Your going to need a little clear or white glue to fix this problem. First take off the foam, then draw a small bead of glue about half of the length of the handle up the stick from the bottom. Then slide the foam handle up and over the glue. Let dry for a couple of hours, but after that your sticks should be as good as new!

My diabolo cup is a little bit bent. Is it broken?2016-12-13T11:16:02-06:00

No way! It just got a little bent. The best thing you can do is put that diabolo on a warm shelf in the sun for an hour or so, standing up on the cup side. The heat will reactivate the plastic and the pressure of standing up will get it back to rights lickety split.

The tip of my stick came off, what should I do?2016-12-13T11:15:35-06:00

Sometimes these tips come off, it just happens. The best think you can do is take a little bit of super glue and glue them back on to the end of your stick. No problem!

What are these plastic rings that came in my diabolo?2016-12-13T11:15:08-06:00

That plastic ring that came inside your diabolo may look like a weight or something, but what it really is is a shape protector. We don’t want your diabolo to show up to your house looking like a smashed football, so we include those plastic circles to keep the shape from collapsing during shipping.

You are welcome to take them out, use them as frisbees, start your own ring toss game with them or just put them in the trash.

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