Keep your cool this summer with KickFire’s precision hand spinner: The Kensei

KickFire Classics joins the hand spinner revolution by offering a new product to their lineup of classic toys: the Kensei Hand Spinners. Featuring premium ceramic bearings for faster, longer, and smoother spin times, KickFire Classics claims that the Kensei will afford spinners with the confidence to learn challenging solo tricks or advanced play with the most spin-worthy comrades!

“More often than not, I knew kids had fidget spinners because I could hear them before I saw them.” Cory Keate, CMO at KickFire Classics remarks. “When I asked Tyler Seamons, our COO and skater-dude-par-excellence, why they were so loud he explained it was because they had cheap bearings and the sound they were making was metal-on-metal; the kids would likely be buying a new fidget spinner in less than a week because of junk parts.”

With such rapid ubiquitousness, Keate knew hand spinners were an instant classic toy. But he also knew that the millions of cheap, poorly made spinners people were buying were only a short-term strategy for competing manufacturers.

“We knew that if we could make these to last – if we could manufacture them with premium quality – and to really spin well, they were an obvious addition to the KickFire Classics toy line,” Keate says.

According to KickFire Classics, there is a lot more to the Kensei than just spinning. Like their lineup of other challenging, active toys, you can become a master with lots of practice. Throw them in the air, pass them back and forth while keeping them spinning,” etc.

“Our fidget spinners are small, simple, discreet, and fun and may help improve focus – although a subject of much debate, some people even claim they help ease anxiety and symptoms of ADHD and Autism. I guess that’s up to our customers decide – either way, they’re really fun!”

KickFire Kensei is available in a variety of colors including the Black Bonsai® and the White Samurai®. Those interested in learning more or purchasing a KickFire Kensei may visit

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